If you’re looking for creative collaborators who can help guide your ideas to life on screen, then talk to us.

At Martha Stone we are adept at exploring the diverse and innovative ways that stories can be told.

We’ve worked with companies, individuals and organizations to shape their ideas and hear their voice.

Whether it’s documentary, drama, or mashing genres together – we can do it with you. Films for events, websites, games or adverts, even personal celebrations.

"Their films bring the writers and their stories to life and helps us connect with our audience more closely" Penny Thomas, Firefly Press

"Hearing those authentic voices lifted the whole discussion." Charlotte Waite, Platfform Charity for Mental Health & Social Change

"They listened to what we wanted to do and made it happen."  Laura Tranter, Community Engagement Lead, Compassionate Classrooms

"Working with Martha Stone Productions was a lot of fun - generating new ideas, seeing them come to life, and then sharing them with our readers and followers was a really lovely process. It was new for us, but at no point did it feel out of our depth! Kathryn Tann, Reading Engagement Editor, Parthian Books

"It's great to see writers reading their work and hearing about the ideas behind the books." Richard Lewis, Parthian Books

Some of our inspiration: