Brando’s Bride is a feature film in the early stages of development. It will be adapted from Brando's Bride: The incredibly true story of Anna Kashfi and her marriage to one of Hollywood’s greatest stars by Sarah Broughton.

In October 1957 Marlon Brando married an Indian actress called Anna Kashfi. He was thirty-three and at the pinnacle of his beautiful fame having recently won an Oscar for On the Waterfront. The wedding was front-page news around the world. His new bride was twenty-three, claimed to be an Indian princess and was pregnant. The day after the wedding a factory worker living in Wales, William O’Callaghan, revealed that Brando’s bride was in fact his daughter, Joan O’Callaghan. He said she had been a butcher’s assistant in Cardiff. Brando’s Bride sets out to discover who was telling the truth and who was lying – and perhaps more importantly, why?